Coding – A Powerful Medium For Your Kids

Coding – A Powerful Medium For Your Kids

We are very familiar with words like ‘computers’, ‘machines’ or Smartphones as in today’s world most of us are surrounded by them. The development of machines and computers in the past decades has been done on a very large scale, even in the present time whether you need to book a train ticket or you want to consult a doctor online or you want to see the route between two places or even to order something online, Smartphones and Computers with the help of applications have made them so easy that all these things are just a few clicks away. Computer science has made this possible to have robots working in place of men in some organizations. Are you familiar with these two words “Google” or “Siri”, these two are like the mini-robots in our mobile phones? But how these machines work, which language these machines understand, do they understand the human language, how they can identify our liking or disliking? Or there is another language for them. Have you ever wondered the answer to the above question, if not?

The Answer to the above question is ‘Coding’. But What Is Coding? Let us know in the next section.

What Is Coding?

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The Computer understands the binary language (i.e. the language made of combinations of 0,1) but it cannot understand human language. Also, A normal human being cannot understand Binary Language. So, Here we use different programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, etc which are easy to understand for humans as well as computer programs. We give commands through these coding languages to the computer and they perform the specific actions or operations.

Coding Fact: According to BBC, In 2030, 800 Million Jobs will be impacted by Artificial Intelligence and ~ 85% of the jobs that exist today, won’t exist.

WhiteHat Jr Online Coding Classes in Patiala is the best way to get started by learning coding in a very fun and playful manner. Whitehat Jr is now in Patiala offering its premium whitehat junior online coding classes in Patiala at a launching offer discount that will help your kid to excel the power of coding through different games and learn them to cater to the world with their problem-solving mind.

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Coding For Kids – Easy To Learn Or Difficult?

Learning Coding can be a challenging task as we have to learn different languages. But as technology is rapidly innovating, learning coding for kids is now very easy. They can learn coding in a very playful way, there are games developed by coding experts, which simplifies coding for kids and breaks the heavy codes into small activities by means of which they can easily grasp the knowledge of coding languages and slowly they can increase their knowledge in the field.

Coding Fact: 2.2 Lakh+ kids are empowered to build a better world using coding.

online coding classes in patiala, online coding classes in ludhiana, online coding classes in punjab, live coding classes for kids, whitehat junior coding classes in patialaPicture Credits: People vector created by vectorjuice –

Should Your Kid Start Learning Coding At An Early Stage?

As per the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, students from class 6th will get the option to choose coding as one of the optional subjects to develop their coding skills. Coding is the future for the next generation kids, most of the things will be automated and replaced by machines. All these tasks require coding as their basis. Hence, getting your kids’ hands-on coding at an initial stage can help him/her excel in the upcoming times and breach out of the competition and be an expert in the field. Start online coding classes in Patiala which helps your kid to start learning coding in a very fun and easy manner.


All and all Coding is an excellent tool for teaching kids to learn. It is something which can be learned at home easily and not just with the computer but through smart tabs too. Whitehat Jr Online Coding Classes In Patiala has allowed many kids to learn without even realizing it because they are constantly building their skills little by little through different activities in their everyday lives. As a launching offer, Whitehat Jr is giving super discounts on all online coding courses in Patiala, Click The Link Below To Avail the Early Bird Discount.

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