Auto Rickshaw Advertising is a cost-effective way of transit media advertising. It is an impeccable way to capture the attention of your targeted audience. Advertising on Auto Rickshaw offers you to cover the entire city by casing almost every crowded place of the city. It ensures that your brands’ advertisement gets wide reach and target massive people. It helps you to convey your brand’s message without any time frame, i.e. Auto Rickshaw runs 24 x 7, neglecting any time restriction.

Being the pre-eminent and a cost-effective way of transit advertising, Auto Rickshaw Branding targets massive people and assists your brand to reach your targeted audience. Auto Branding offers you an impeccable brand recall and ensures your brands’ advertisement Zero Ad Avoidance.

Big Media Kart offers an assortment of Auto Rickshaw Advertising in different cities and states of India like Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Chandigarh, Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Delhi, Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Gurgaon, Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Jammu, Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Agra, Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Kanpur and So On.

General Terms & Conditions

  1. Branded Auto Images will be shared once. Complete branded autos images with their number plate or registration number will be shared after execution.
  2. 100% Advance payment to be released in favor of “Redzo Media Solutions Private Limited”.
  3. The Design has to be shared in the CDR format.
  4. Campaign once locked can’t be stopped in between and the media taken can’t be changed or canceled.
  5. The availability depends at the time of booking.
  6. Artwork/creative to be provided by the client itself.
  7. GST @ 18% is extra.