GRP means Gross rating Point & is a widely used term in the advertising industry. Companies rely on GRP data to plan their TV Advertising media spend in order to alter and curate the contents of the ads presented on Television. GRP in broad sense tells the advertisers, the number of people available to watch their ads. The term gross means the list of all the people available who are watching TV without going into the specific type of individuals. What is TRP? Book TV Ad Campaign What is a TV Advertisement?   Different Ways To Advertise on TV!   How Effective is a TV Ad?   Things To Consider For A TV Ad Campaign!

In India, data for GRP is collected by Broadcast Audience Research Council or BARC, India. It is the world’s biggest television measurement body. It consists of advertisers, broadcasters, and advertising & media agencies.  It uses the technique of audio watermarking to collect the TV viewership data across India. BARC measures the TV viewership habits of 197 million households in India. For these measurements, it uses a sample population of 40000 households called “Panel Homes”. One big and significant part of the process is to choose the sample households which can be representative of the whole population. By using Statistical techniques, the data collected from panel homes are projected onto the whole country to generate powerful insights about the viewing habits of the people.

Ad Frequency x Percent of Audience Reached = GRP

GRP simply is a product of the number of viewers in the target market and the frequency of ads shown on TV. For instance, say a country has 150 million households with a TV set. Out of these households, say 30 million households watch a popular show such as “Dance India Dance”.  It means that 20% of all households watch the show. Now if we decide to show our ad 5 times during the commercial breaks on this show. This would give us a GRP of 100. Now you would say, “How do we know that 20% of households watched the show”? That is where the BARC data comes into play. It means that 30 million households or approximately 20% of all TV watching households were shown your ad 5 times during the show “Dance India Dance”.

This data is invaluable to the companies. Companies use this data to design their media campaigns. They buy ad spaces on various TV channels based on the GRP data. But just getting your hands over this GRP data isn’t everything. This is just the first step. Media buying agencies such as Big Media Kart will help you decide, which channel will be most suitable for your brand. Buying ad space on just about any channel will tear apart your advertising budget. We will guide you through the tedious process and prepare a media plan for you, which will be the most cost-effective for you and your brand.