The Effectiveness of TV ads is undaunted and only a fool would deny it. There are other mediums as well which are very effective and popular, not as much as TV though.  What is TRP?   What is GRP? Book TV Ad Campaign What is a TV Advertisement?   Different Ways To Advertise on TV!   Things To Consider For A TV Ad Campaign!

TV Ad campaigns have a very high ability to resonate with the target audience since TV ads come with the power of both audio and video which makes the ad intriguing. When brands have defined their target audience in a sophisticated way, TV ads will have an even better impact on the viewers. This is because the content in the ads has been specially produced to catch the attention of the target audience. Television Advertising has the ability to trigger different human emotions such as love, care, fear, anger, etc. 

Also, TV ad campaigns are best at generating topline growth for your business. Brands that advertise more on TV are perceived to be better than their competitors that certainly help the brands to command a higher price for their products. 

The most important advantage of a TV Campaign is that it has got a very wide reach. It can be used to reach any geographical region in the world. Even the remote villages of Ladakh and Himachal have TVs to keep people entertained and aware. India with a population of 1.3 billion people or maybe more has a TV in almost three fourth of its households. This metric is enough to clear any doubts about the reach of television. Channels like Star Plus reach millions of people weekly. Even the channels in regional languages such as Marathi or Bengali cater to millions of people weekly. Whereas news channels such as Aaj Tak, India TV, News 18 India, ABP News, Zee News, etc also reach millions of people weekly.  We all know for a fact that TV attracts loyal viewers. Advertisers can be sure that hundreds of millions of people will watch IPL every year, millions watch ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ every weekend, and many watch other daily soaps every day.

Due to the creative geniuses of the ad agencies, TV ads can be and are customized according to the region that they will be aired in. India has channels in almost all its languages and the content created is also in line with that. Differences may not only be in language but also in the culture or values of the people. With just a few seconds of a brilliant ad on a suitable channel, people can get to know about a product or service. Companies have full freedom to choose the content and message that they want to convey to their target audience. They can choose the time, slot, channel, and duration of the TV ads.

Ads on TV can be useful to drive people to visit one’s website. Plus people are more likely to buy the product when they have watched the ad on TV. This is because viewers trust the brands more that advertise on TV.

TV advertising has a lot of advantages in its kitty that could get your brand the kind of attention which was earlier deemed impossible. Advertising on TV could be the best investment your company can make which shall reap results in the short term as well as in the years to come.