OTT or over the top is a media streaming platform that delivers content directly to the user via the internet, transcending the cable or satellite bandwidth which were used traditionally. With the ever continuous rise in the OTT subscriptions, OTT Advertising can be seen as the future of advertising.

OTT content includes the audio, video and other media contents that are delivered over the internet and doesn’t involve any third party in this process. OTT Media majorly has 3 legs:

⇒ Video content streaming or Video OTT: Video content streaming or simply OTT television known as subscription-based video on demand is one of the three legs of OTT where Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, Zee5, Voot, HotStar, etc.are some of the top examples of such services. 

⇒ OTT audio services: The 2nd leg of OTT Media Services consists of OTT audio services which includes Gaana, Jio-Saavn, Spotify and many more.

⇒ OTT messaging and calling also called VoIP: OTT messaging & calling which is also known as VoIP or voice-over-internet protocol forms the 3rd & the final leg of the OTT where WhatsApp, Viber, Skype are some of the prominent examples. 

OTT content can be accessed with the help of various apps. as well as on multiple devices for a single user. Mobile phones, Tablets, Smart TVs, Set-top Boxes, Gaming Consoles like X-Box, all can be used to access the services. Chromecast and Amazon Firestick are also one of the mode to access the services, this can be used to cast the screen on Television.

All the OTT services are mostly subscription-based and sometimes even free i.e., they cost you only the data with either full or partial access to the services. These platforms/services have changed the way how we as consumer consume the content, it has transformed the controlled and distributed world of media content into easily accessible and made personalized and selective media streaming possible at the disposal of the consumer. All these benefits and many others have made these OTT services more lucrative and appealing to the consumer which can evidently be seen in the ascent that OTT platforms has witnessed over the years.

Not surprisingly enough, OTT platforms have become a great source of advertising because of the upsurge. More and more companies and brands have been observed directing their
line of advertising towards OTT services. OTT advertising is a very promising one provided you curate your advertisement properly and one must leverage and bank upon it.

With the current uptrend of continuous rise in the number of users/subscribers of OTT services and budding growth prospective because of the great value it holds is seamless
and it would not be wrong to say that OTT is here to stay and similar growth projections can be expected in the future.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions!

What is OTT?

 OTT stands for “Over the Top” is a media streaming plaform that delivers
TV content and other type of entertainment content to the users directly through
internet surpassing the traditional TV cable channels and Satellite media.

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What is OTT Advertising?

 It is very similar to any other type of advertisements
such as those we see on TV except the fact that it is delivered through
streaming media on various OTT platforms. It helps an advertiser to reach more
number of households as OTT is the new trend.

How to advertise on OTT?

 In order to advertise on OTT, you must reach an expert agency in advertising who will then help you to follow a series of steps to make your advertisement a success on OTT platforms. The steps would be:

•First of all an audience is created example what type of users watch what type of content on which platform is determined.

•Then the campaign is pushed i.e. the advertisements are downloaded and buffered by the OTT devices.

•Display of advertisements on various OTT platforms

•Reporting in which, the advertisement operator send the results about the ad-exposure.

What is an average cost of advertising on OTT platforms?

⇒ OTT is basically priced on a CPM i.e. Cost per miles or “Cost per thousand impressions” method or on the basis of CPC i.e. costs per click method.

Also, the costs of advertising on OTT varies with type & popularity of the OTT platform. Since, the OTT campaign is on CPM or CPC basis, you can always control your cost of the campaign & vary it as per the results & ROI.

What are the benefits of advertising on OTT?

⇒ Benefits or Advantages of Advertising on OTT Media Platforms are plenty. It not only increases the advertisers reach towards its customized targeted audience but also provides the advertiser with some valuable insights & data related to who is watching the advertisement, for how long it was watched & much more. All this helps the advertiser to improve the quality of its OTT Advertising campaign.

What are the types of OTT ?

⇒ The main types of OTT platforms include:

•Audio OTT: Internet radio, podcasts, Saavan, Gaana etc.

•Video OTT: Hotstar, VOOT, Netflix, Amazon Prime, ZEE5 etc.

•VoIP/Message: Viber, WeChat, Facebook, Skype etc.

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What are the challenges in OTT advertising?

⇒ Since OTT advertising is very flexible with all the controls in your hands, you don't often face much challenges. Though, designing/launching the right advertising campaign resourcefully & strategically on OTT platforms requires a lot of skills & in depth knowledge, for which you can always hire an expert OTT Agency that can guide you through all the steps involved in a successful OTT Advertising Campaign execution.

What is the future of OTT advertising?

⇒ OTT advertising can surely be seen as the future of advertising as more and more number of people are ditching the traditional services and heading for online based ones. Also, OTT advertisement is cheaper as compared to traditional TV advertisements. So, it can safely be said that OTT advertisements will be the way to reach customers in the future.

What are latest OTT advertising trends?

⇒ Some of the trends in OTT advertising are:

•Sequential Messaging:  In which sharing of ongoing communication/messaging that builds on itself takes place. It penetrates users with the help of empathic stories

•Hyperlocal Advertising: Done when you want more locals to visit your business.

•Interactive Advertising: This indicates that advertisements are all about user experience and must be fun, engaging and relevant. In other words, it should be able to connect to users.

Can the advertisements be skipped on OTT platforms?

⇒ Yes, there are different types of advertisements, some of them can be skipped after watching for a few seconds and the others you cannot skip.

How are advertisements placed on OTT Media Platforms?

⇒ Advertisements are displayed either on demand or during commercial breaks on live content. Advertisements are placed before the viewer can view their full content or sometimes at regular intervals while viewing the content.

Are OTT advertisements clickable?

⇒ Yes, they can be made clickable by making certain changes on the OTT client's end. Clickable OTT ads generally are used in a cost per click based campaign or in short CPC advertising campaign.