Along with TV and Print, Rаdіо іs а рорulаr аnd еffесtіvе mеdіum оf trаdіtіоnаl, оfflіnе аdvеrtіsіng. The clients opting for Radio Advertisement are generally assisted by Radio Advertising Agencies for executing a powerful & impactful radio campaign considering the various factors like Target Audience, Budget, Demography and other requirements of the client. Generally, on an average 8% of the overall Advertising Budget is recommended to be spent on the Radio Advertising Campaigns for a considerable ROI.

Тhе overall rates fоr Radio Advertising campaigns/services depends upon the city and the FM Radio Channel client opts for. For example, Radio Advertising in Chandigarh is on the costlier side if compared with Patiala, while it is much cheaper if compared with Radio Advertising in Delhi NCR region. Similarly, the rates can vary within the city as well depending which FM Radio channel client opts for amongst the various FM Radio Channels available in the city. For instance,  94.3 MY FM  Radio Advertising in Chandigarh is costlier than 92.7 BIG FM Radio Advertising in Chandigarh because of its higher listenership as compared to other radio channels present in City Beautiful – Chandigarh. Whіlе thе mаntrа іn rеаl еstаtе іs lосаtіоn, thе rаdіо аdvеrtіsіng mаntrа іs rереtіtіоn.

Why Choose Radio as a medium of Advertisement:

  • Power Of Words: Instead of just reading some written information people love listening to them more. The power of words can capture more attention instead of just seeing the written advertisement, i.e. Less Ad Avoidance.
  • The benefit of Advertising in Prime Time:  Radio Advertisement provides you the facility to choose the particular time-band in which you can target the maximum audience providing a fruitful result from Your Ad Campaign.
  • Massive Listeners: Everyone is a radio devotee so advertising through radio will target more people including old, young as well as the Children.
  • Extensive reach: Radio is present everywhere, be it your workspace, home, travel time etc. Hence, connects & entertains your target audience almost everywhere they go. Moreover, it has a massive reach covering the entire population either it’s a rural or the Urban Area which ensures the suitable to reach out to a small geography as well as the complete country.
  • No charges to listen to radio: People don’t have to pay to listen to the radio, that’s why it is most preferred by everyone.
  • Comparatively Less  Ad Avoidance: Low Ad Avoidance as compared to other media.
  • Strengthen the campaign: Radio gives your brand a local touch. The local RJ’s are none less than celebrities in their region & helps connect your target audience emotionally. Hence plays a valuable support role as well & helps strengthen your campaign on other media.
  • Mass publicityReaching masses is a major challenge for the advertisers. Radio effectively helps your brand reach masses.
  • Flexibility: Unlike so many other mediums, this medium is quite flexible in nature and helps you make customized on & off ground integrated campaigns as per the brand requirements.

Radio Ad Campaign Details:

Radio In Chandigarh


How much to invest initially in Radio advertising?

If you have just started and have a strong budget to invest in advertising then go for a long-term radio advertising campaign. The reason behind a successive radio ad campaign is repetition i.e. try to be visible for a long time if you want to conquer the listener’s mind.

What is the Prime time in the Radio Advertising and how can it benefit me?

According to the radio industry, prime time is the part of the day when the number of radio listeners is highest. This can also be termed as the drive time when most of the audience is driving to the office or returning home in the evening. The morning Prime time is from 6 a.m. To 11 p.m. & the evening drive time is 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. If you choose Normal time then your ad will run equally throughout the day but if you choose the prime time your ad will run only when there are massive listeners active on the radio. That’s why it benefits the advertisers.

I am a small retailer. How can I do radio advertisement with small budget?

If you are a small brand having low budget to advertise on radio choose those advertising options which capture massive crowd with low budget. There are many other options which can produce huge ROI with less cost but still if radio is your first preference then you can go for short term advertising campaigns on radio.

I am running a retail business; would radio advertising produce better results for me?

Yes, radio advertising can produce better results for you, but you should be wise enough to choose your radio campaign according to the requirements of your target market. For a retail business local radio advertising could be beneficial from the point of view of the budget and also according to the area you are targeting.

How can I get my radio jingle recorded?

BMK can assist you to get your radio jingle recorded as we are experts in providing the best guidance from the long-term experience. We can get your radio jingle ad recorded on your behalf.

For how much long do I have to advertise to get the best results out of my radio campaign?

For a successful radio ad campaign, you should advertise for at least 2 or 3 months to get the best results out of your campaign.