There are plenty of ways to reach your customers through different media and TV is one of the most effective and important forms of advertisement. There are so many different ways through which an advertiser can decide to advertise on local or national TV Channels. Here’s the video to watch in this respect.  What is TRP?   What is GRP? Book TV Ad Campaign   What is a TV Advertisement?   How Effective is a TV Ad?   Things To Consider For A TV Ad Campaign!

Ways of advertising on television!

To reach to the customers’ various ways of advertisement can be used on the television by an advertiser which are discussed below:

  • Regular free commercial time (FCT) ads: The time allotted by television channels to advertisers in between the running programs in terms of seconds to promote their product. The minimum duration for this ad is 10 seconds and the ad length must be in multiples of 5.
  • Aston band:  The banner-like object you see under your running program is called the Aston band. It is innovative and attractive. These are very commonly seen on news channels. Usually, this ad remains on the TV screens for 10-20 seconds.
  • Scrollers ads: Like the name suggests this is another band under or over your running program that keeps on scrolling. Its nature of the constant movement is what makes it so eye-catching. This ad is limited to the news channels only.
  • Teleshopping ads: One of the few places where you can promote your product for the most amount of time on television. These are exclusive channels prepared to provide a platform for brands to advertise on them with ample time at hand. People often shop through these channels from the comfort of their houses. The ad slot for such ads is of around 20-30 minutes.
  • L-band ads: these are the L shaped ads shown at the television screen while the other content is being aired simultaneously. These bands achieve visibility by strategically taking the space on the screen without blocking or restricting the program at play. Frequently seen during live cricket matches.
  • Laptop branding: these types of ads are most commonly seen in News channels; the promoted brand is advertised by placing their logos on the back of the laptops placed in front of the news anchors. They are constantly in the peripheral of the viewer.
  • Ads in movies: Also known as brand placement in movies and daily soaps. The products are sneakily placed at places on the screen where our attention goes, without being too explicit.
  • Sponsoring teams: Companies often sponsor sports teams solely due to their popularity among masses and viewership on the television. Popular sports like cricket in India and basketball and football in western countries make these sports ideal to sponsor. Placing the logos on the clothes of sportsmen give the advertisers truckloads of screen time during games.
  • Brand Ambassador: Brands often hire celebrities to promote their product. This association of the product with a famous personality garners customers for the companies.
  • Sponsoring the athletes: Brands (especially sports) sponsor the professional sportsmen for their ads. When they play on the ground they wear the company’s sports gear to advertise it. For the time player to remain on the ground, people can see the brand too thus it is one of the most effective methods of advertising.

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