Bus Advertising is a prominent type of transit media advertisement, preferred by many big brands due to its impeccable responsiveness. Advertising on Buses offers your brand to cover wide area and target massive people. Hence, it takes up your brand’s advertisement to every angle and create awareness about your products/services.

Being the supreme way of transit advertising, it targets masses and helps your brand reaches your TG (Target Group). Bus Advertising is quite flexible in terms on duration as a long term bus advertisement campaign offers an unbeatable brand recall.

Big Media Kart offers an assortment of Bus Advertising in different states of India like Advertising on Haryana roadways, Advertising on Punjab roadways, Advertising on PRTC, Advertising on HRTC with an option of customizable ad packages. The professionals at Big Media Kart who are experts in the advertising fields understands your advertisement needs and delivers you the best advice and advertising packages.

Why Choose Bus Advertising?

  • Bus Advertising ensures your brand that each and every segment of the entire population is being covered by your brand’s advertisement.
  • Advertising on Bus lets your brand have wider reach and this medium of branding also reaches those restricted areas where Hoardings and Billboards are totally banned.
  • Unbeatable Branding Mileage, i.e., Advertising on Buses offers your brand to have its appearance in the most crowded places in the city and boosts up your brand recall even if the vehicle is standing still.
  • Bus Advertising lets your brand’s advertisement have No Time Frame, i.e. Advertising on buses offers you a 24 x 7 advertising medium.
  • An eye catching advertising medium, i.e. bus advertising impact the viewers’ mind which consequently grabs the attention of massive road users.
  • It ensures your brand Grand Reach as it covers almost all parts of cities and every crowded place in the state.
  • Advertising in Buses is quite flexible in terms of the duration of the campaign (Highly Recommended for long-term campaigns).
  • Delivers you Huge Brand Recall which ensures a Strong ROI.

General Terms & Conditions – Bus Advertising

  1. The complete & exact list of depots with their routes would be shared at the time of booking. The client can then choose the number of buses in the selected depots.
  2. The availability of the medium depends upon the time of booking.
  3. Campaign once booked can’t be stopped in between.
  4. Branded buses images will be shared prior to Campaign start up. The Images with complete information i.e. Registration Number, Number Plates etc. will be shared after execution.
  5. We recommend Printing and Mounting to be done by Big Media Kart to adhere to best quality standards suitable for the media & to avoid any sort of unnecessary inconvenience to the client.
  6. Big Media Kart needs to be intimated 20 days in advance if creative needs to be changed.
  7. The costing for change in creative including Printing & Mounting would be borne by the client itself.
  8. The creative design is needed in CDR format & high-resolution JPEG format.
  9. Maximum 20 days’ time would be needed for full execution of the campaign from the date the package is bought.
  10. In the case of the damage of the creative due to unavoidable circumstances, the same would be intimated to the client within 48 Hrs.

The exact dimensions of the display panels would be shared at the time of booking.