About RED FM

RED FM “initially launched as Surya FM” is gaining a lot of popularity in the radio advertising Industry. With the grand presence across more than 60 Stations & targeting more than 40 million listeners RED FM is one of the topmost & leading FM Channel in the Radio Industry. It was launched in 2002 with a tag Line “Bajaate Raho” which is really true as red FM attract the listeners by playing the latest & on-demand music. Red FM is famous for its entertainment programming content with bold & witty RJ’s which truly works & entertains people on the theme of “Bajaate Raho”. It is owned by South Asia FM Limited and the 2nd Biggest FM Radio Channel having a wide reach across different metro cities, towns & villages also. Red FM carries various non-profit activities which attract the listeners to a huge extent. RED FM has the extended reach to even those areas where there are not much radio stations. The main focus of red FM is to engage the audience via live concerts. This channel invests a lot to understand the requirements of their audience and suggest them the right business advertising tricks which act as an auxiliary to both the growing up as well as well grown up brands.

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