Advertisement on BIG LED Screens at Food Court Elante Mall, Chandigarh


  • Advertising Medium – 2 BIG LED Screens @ Food Court, Elante Mall, Chandigarh (Total 2 Screens)
  • Huge Strong Hammering With 10 Seconds Ad, Massive 200 Repetitions Per Day, 7 Days Ad campaign.
  • An Ad Every 3 Minutes On An Average
  • Flat 66% Off for First 5 Clients. Strictly On First Come, First Serve Basis.
  • Take The Live Experience Of This Unique Synergistic Medium. Watch The Video.
  • Know More About The 2 BIG LED Screens By Downloading The Presentation Here.
  • Massive Captive Audience Footfall Of More Than 12.5 Lakhs People Per Month.
  • Highly Recommended Package By BMK Ensuring Grand ROI.

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Why Elante Mall, Chandigarh?

Elante Mall is a best mixture of Business, Stay and Entertainment, the 3 pillars which every company or individual seek for in such kind of  strong development project. It Spreads across 20 acres & is located in Chandigarh also famous as ‘The City Beautiful’. Retail mall, Office complex & Hotel with central courtyard are the three distinct facilities that this development provides to its customers.

Elante is the largest mall in Chandigarh with its retail space of over 1 million. sq. ft. across G+3 levels. The retail space provides top national and international brands along with a proper mix of hypermarket, departmental stores, Sports Bar & much more. The phrase “Entertainment, Entertainment & just Entertainment” is exactly synonymous to Elante Mall which also has strategically well established  entertainment zones, multiplex and food court to cater to its customers.

The 2 BIG LED Screens in Food Court is a cherry on the cake which takes entertainment for the crowd coming to the next level. The mall witness a mammoth footfall every day which keeps the development the most happening place in the Tri – city . Hence, all in all a must preferred location for the advertisers seeking to cater a huge crowd to give their brand a grand visibility.

Why Advertise On 2 BIG LED SCREENS @ Food Court

  • Total Crowd: More Than 12.5 Lacs people per month.
  • More Than 9 lacs people per month is the Captive Audience Crowd which spends at least 1 hour sitting while having their meals. Hence, ZERO AD AVOIDANCE.
  • 2 Gigantic LED Screens are so strategically located that it covers each and every nook & corner producing a SYNERGISTIC EFFECT i.e. 1+1 = 11 times more mileage.
  • Huge Brand Recall (High visual repetitions while people having their leisure time, gives a huge brand recall).
  • High ROI (Best among all media in town).
  • Highly rich & engaging content keeps people entertaining all the time.
  • Reaching out to:
    • Decision makers
    • Influential consumers
    • Wealth creators
    • High Net Worth Individuals

Campaign Details:

 2 BIG LED SCREENS @ Food Court, Elante Mall, Chandigarh
(Synergy Of 2 LED Screens Combined)
Size of both LED Screens Exclusive Time Band Spot Duration
(In Seconds)
Number of Spots Per Day On Both The Screens Combined Duration Of The Campaign (In Days)
LED Screen – Entrance Of Food Court
LED Screen – At the end point of Food Court
16 FT  X 8 FT
12 FT x 6 FT
1200 – 2200 10 200
(100 Spots on each screen per day)
7 Days

(1 Week)

200 Slots of 10 seconds will run on both the screens combined per day i.e. Total 100 slots of 10 seconds would run each day on each screen.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Client/Service Provider undertakes and warrants that the booking commitments shall not be postponed or cancelled without mutual consent of the parties.
  2. Campaign once locked can’t be stopped in between and the media taken can’t be changed or cancelled.
  3. The client undertakes and warrants that nothing contained in the advertisement enrages the public sentiment; constitutes a Monopolistic/Restrictive and/or unfair trade practice; violates any other legislation for the time being in force or is made to give negative publicity of any other product.
  4. The client further declares and affirms that nothing in the advertisement infringes the copyright or any other right of any third party and there are no claims, actions or proceedings, pending or threatened, affecting the advertisement or the title thereof.



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