Outdoor Advertising In Banga City – Outdoor Unipole Branding In Banga City, Punjab


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Outdoor Hoarding Advertising in Banga City, Punjab

Outdoor Advertising in Banga City is a splendid way of branding to increase your brand’s visibility. Unipole advertising in Banga City, Punjab helps your brand reach out to masses and strongly convey your brand message to your potential customers.  Hoarding Advertising in Banga City offers your brand a wide exposure with No Time Frame, i.e. your advertisement will be displayed to your potential customers 24×7. Being the oldest way of branding, OOH media helps you to boost your brand’s authenticity and reputation in peoples’ minds.

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Outdoor Advertising – Know More

Outdoor Advertising in Banga City, Punjab is the key way to capture your target audience offering you with enhanced brand visibility. Through strategically located Unipoles, these OOH(Out-Of-Home) mediums grabs peoples’ eyeballs which in turn provides your brand’s ad high engagement.

Big Media Kart is one of the leading outdoor advertising agency in Banga City offering a one-stop solution for all your media needs.


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Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Final availability of the media depends upon the time of booking.
  2. According to the ethics of a good Campaign, the Campaign once booked can’t be stopped in between.
  3. The client needs to intimate BMK before 7 Days if creative needs to be changed.
  4. The costing for change in creative would be borne by the client itself
  5. The creative design is needed in CDR format & high-resolution JPEG format.
  6. Maximum 5 days’ time would be needed for full execution of the campaign from the date the package is bought.
  7. In the case of the damage of the creative due to unavoidable circumstances, the same would be intimated to the client within 48 Hrs.



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