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PVR Cinemas Advertising in PVR Celebration Mall, Udaipur


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Why Cinema Advertising in Greater Udaipur?

Trying to reach a movie-going audience? Cinema advertising in Celebration Mall, Udaipur is a great way to put your message in front of a seated and captive audience. Cinema Advertising media reaches a huge target audience each month, and its advertising recalls are four times higher than ads placed on any other media.

It’s not surprising to see that cinema advertising in Udaipur has the highest engagement score and lowest ad avoidance score. This makes sense, as there is little else to do while the audience is in the cinema and the ads are seen by many as part of the cinema experience.

Big Media Kart is the leading  PVR Cinemas Advertising Agency in Udaipur, providing you the best and cost-effective PVR Cinema advertising rates with the best-in-class advertising and branding services. Yes, The cost of Advertising in PVR Cinemas, Udaipur is now affordable with us!

Why Advertise on Cinemas or go for Cinema Ads in Udaipur?

PVR Cinema Advertising in Udaipur is an extremely effective way to grow your business by capturing huge masses & creating “top of the brand recall” in the listener’s mind. Advertising on Cinemas in Udaipur gives your Advertising campaign not zero Ad avoidance as compared to other media but also helps your product or service reach a captive audience with a high top of the mind recall. Hence, if you are looking for extended business reach & increase the overall brand visibility & brand equity of your brand, Cinema Advertising in Udaipur is your go-to destination & should be at the top of your Media Marketing portfolio.

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Some Points to be noted for smooth Advertising in Cinemas?

  • Minimum 3 rotations are committed per screen per day.
  • The client has the option to select the location of the ad i.e. before the movie starts or in the interval time or both.
  • The campaign usually starts from Friday with the new movie schedule every week.
  • The client’s ad is required in Digital J2K Format & has to be converted into this format if not done already.
  • In case the ad needs to be converted, the client has to give a link of MP4 Ad which Big Media Kart would convert into the cinema compatible format one time absolutely free.
  • A censor certificate is needed & mandatory to broadcast the ad in all the cinemas.
  • If the censor certificate is not ready, the client needs to inform Big Media Kart at least 14 days prior to the start date of the campaign since Big Media Kart will take all possible measures to get the censor certificate for your ad one time absolutely free of cost. The censor certificate process takes a good amount of time.
  • There can be deviations in the above plan with respect to the availability of screens, on the spot terms & conditions of different cinemas, etc. at the time of booking.
  • Taxes are extra as applicable.

Why Cinema Advertising?

Advertising in Cinemas provides a 360-degree marketing environment that is uncluttered and finds the consumer in a relaxed and receptive frame of mind, perfect to get your message across.

If informative, entertaining, and most importantly, relevant to the audience in the movie theater, cinema ads can be very effective at grabbing your target audience’s attention — at a time when they are open and receptive. Ads in movie theaters reach a target when they are seated in a positive and fun environment. What better place to have your message seen?

Cinema advertising has been extremely effective when it comes to capturing the audience’s attention. The distinctive advantage of cinema advertising is that your audience is captive, local, and completely focused on the screen. Unlike TV and radio, no one can change the channels. A local ad on the screen is effectively watched and absorbed by the huge audience without distraction.

  • Cinema-goers can’t change the channel or opt-out of viewing, therefore higher concentration.
  • Audience segmentation is possible i.e. advertisement can be selective and flexible.
  • Mass publicity
  • Suitable to reach out to a small geography as well as the complete country.

Why Advertise in PVR Cinemas?

  • Unparalleled reach with 600 screens, 131 cinemas, 51, cities, 18 states.
  • Premium audiences predisposed to spending on premium products.
  • Caters to discerning and loyal audience base.
  • Entertains over 80 million premium viewers annually.

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