Table Stickers Advertising Food Court, Elante Mall, Chandigarh


  • Your Brand would be displayed /installed on 25 tables (As Table Tops) located at Food Court, Elante Mall, Chandigarh for a duration of 30 days.
  • Complete table of size 2 Ft.x 2 Ft. is covered with the client’s branding
  • Total Crowd Targeted: More Than 12.5 Lakhs  Captive Audience Crowd in a Month.
  • Top of the mind recall among-st your target audience & ZERO AD AVOIDANCE
  • Huge Brand Recall & Great ROI


USP’s of the medium:

  • A complete table of size 2 Ft.x 2 Ft. is covered by the client’s branding
  • Total Crowd Targeted: More Than 12.5 Lakhs People in a Month.
  • More Than 9.5 Lakhs is the Captive Audience Crowd which spends at least 1 hour sitting while having their meals. Hence, ZERO AD AVOIDANCE
  • The tables fill the entire food court comprehensively to give your brand a complete strategic advantage & top of the mind recall amongst your target audience.
  • Huge Brand Recall (High visual repetitions of multiple tables while people having their leisure time, gives a huge brand recall).
  • Great ROI (Best among-st all media in town)



Media Taken Table Tops Branding
Location Food Court, Elante Mall
City Chandigarh
Number of Tables 25
Number of days in the campaign 30 days


Terms and Conditions:

  1. The availability of the tables depends upon the time of booking
  2. Creative to be provided by the client in CDR & JPEG format both.
  3. Campaign once locked can’t be stopped in between.
  4. The creative can only be changed after a tenure of 15 days.
  5. If creative is to be changed, minimum 15 days should be left in the campaign. The costing for change in creative would be borne by the client itself.
  6. The material of the table stickers has to be changed in 3 months. In case of damage to the table stickers within 3 months, the client would be intimated from our side. The new material costing, in any case, has to be borne by the client.
  7. Since this media is a premium property & in high demand, we recommend you to confirm the dates well in advance in order to lock the inventory & avoid any inconvenience later on
  8. Exact sizes would be shared with the client at the time of the campaign.
  9. The creative design is needed in CDR format & high-resolution JPEG format.
  10. Maximum 5 days time would be needed for full execution of the campaign from the date the package is bought.