Voucher Advertising On Cred App – Cred App Advertisement


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Voucher Advertising On Cred App – Cred App Advertisement


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Why Voucher Advertising On Cred App?

Cred is one of the best credit card payments app which rewards its users on paying their credit card bills on time. Cred App offers a huge range of exclusive offers and price slashes for on-time payments of bills. Cred is one of the most used application for credit card payments in India. With millions of installs in India, Cred app offers premium branding spaces to grab your potential customers’ attention towards your brand. Advertising on Cred App lets you reach massive audience with high visibility Voucher Games. Cred ads offer you a strong brand recall with a clutter free brand presence as the user engages and dedicates the time to try their luck.

When consumers redeem vouchers, they are exposed to the brand multiple times, which can increase brand recognition and familiarity. Additionally, because vouchers often offer discounts or special deals, consumers are more likely to pay attention to the brand and be more likely to remember it in the future. Advertising vouchers through Cred, a financial services app, can be a particularly effective way to reach a targeted audience of consumers who are interested in managing their finances and looking for discounts and deals.

Advertising on Cred is a great way to reach a large and engaged audience while also providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for users. Additionally, Cred’s Voucher Advertising is a unique and engaging way to induce your brand recall. They provide a fun and interactive experience for users, which can help increase brand loyalty and customer retention.

With number of filters available, such as device, timing, location, and profile/behavior, your brands’ advertisements reach the core potential audience interested in your products/services. From targeting High Purchasing Power audience and cost effective Cred advertising rates, you can easily convey your brand message to your potential customer base.

Cred Advertisements In India are a dynamic medium of branding and is used by various brands to reach their TG (Target Group) and create awareness and convey their brand message strongly.

How Voucher Advertising On Cred App Works?

  1. Cred User goes to the reward section to play Jackpot by burning his/her CRED points
  2. The Jackpot placed on the Jackpot carousal
  3. User engages in the Jackpot with an intent to win and plays
  4. User spins 10 times(while burning 1000 cred points in each spin) and if he/she get triple 7 he/she wins the jackpot prize reward gift i.e. For Ex – a brand new Smartphone/LED TV.
  5. User who does not win a jackpot prize wins the consolation prize, which is in the form of a unique code(generated at client’s end)
  6. User then copies the code and to use it clicks on “Redeem Now Tab” and then is redirected to client’s app to use/redeem the voucher(unique code)

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Advertising on Cred App is now easy. Big Media Kart is a leading Cred App Advertising Agency in India and offers an easy yet affordable platform to choose from various options. With an expert staff, Big Media Kart provides you with the best advertising plan to start branding on Cred App all over India.

No matter how local is your brand, its easy to reach with the digital power of Cred App Advertising. For instance, your Brand is based in Delhi and you are just targeting the local audience of Delhi by advertising on Cred in Delhi using various filters.

Still confused, Big Media Kart – The Best Cred App Advertising Agency in India will help you to grab your targeted audience through a perfect customized & efficiently segmented ad plan.

Some Random Truecaller App Facts:

  • Cred App is One of the Most Used Credit Card Payment App In India.
  • 13 Million+ Monthly Active Users with a Credit Score of More than 750, which means High Purchasing Power Individuals.
  • Cred Users are Tastemakers, Travelers, Most affluent and Trustworthy individuals.

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