Advertise on 92.7 BIG FM, Chandigarh – 1 Week Trial Offer


  • Book Ad On 92.7 BIG FM Radio, Chandigarh with a 1-week strategic trial offer.
  • Trial Radio Package With 10 Seconds Ad, 8 Repetitions Per Day, 7 Days Ad campaign.
  • 10 Associate Sponsorship Tags As Pure  Value Addition With The Campaign.
  • Listen To Sample Radio Ad Below:
  • Quality Voice Over Ad Absolutely Free With The Package.
  • Highly Recommended Package By BMK To Try Radio Specially For The 1st Timers.
  • Great ROI..!!


Why Radio Advertisement?

Radio advertising has been extremely effective when it comes to capturing huge masses & creating “top of the brand recall” in the listener’s mind. The distinctive advantages of radio are many:

  • Radio is present everywhere, be it your workspace, home, travel time etc. Hence, connects & entertains your target audience almost everywhere they go.
  • Radio gives your brand a local touch. The local RJ’s are none less than celebrities in their region & helps connect your target audience emotionally.
  • Comparatively Less  Ad Avoidance: Low Ad Avoidance as compared to other media.
  • No charges to listen to radio: People don’t have to pay to listen to the radio, that’s why it is most preferred by everyone.
  • Strengthen the campaign: Plays a valuable support role as well & helps strengthen your campaign on other media.
  • Mass publicity: Reaching masses is a major challenge for the advertisers. Radio effectively helps your brand reach masses.
  • Flexibility: Unlike so many other mediums, this medium is quite flexible in nature and helps you make customized on & off ground integrated campaigns as per the brand requirements.
  • Wide reach: Suitable to reach out to a small geography as well as the complete country.


Why Advertise on 92.7 BIG FM?

  • 92.7 BIG FM is India’s largest radio station which is spread across a wide area.
  • In India, approximately 4.2 Crore people are targeted by BIG FM  in a week.
  • This radio channel created history by launching 45 radio stations in a short time span of only 18 months.
  • With the best RJ’s and Super-hit music, BIG FM targets a massive audience including midnight shows.
  • Huge network ensures your brand reaches to the huge masses.

Campaign Details:

Medium Market Radio Station Time Band Spot Duration (In Seconds) Rotations Per Day Number Of Days Total Seconds
Radio Chandigarh 92.7 BIG FM RODP 10 8 7 560

Some Points To Be Noted:

  • 8 rotations of 10 seconds each would be played per day consecutively for 7 days on 92.7 BIG FM, Chandigarh. 
  • Value Addition: 10 Associate sponsorship tags are offered with the campaign.
  • The broadcasting report would be shared after the end of the campaign within 30 days.
  • Quality voice over radio ads would be produced by BMK only.

The ad can be changed within the tenure of the campaign on client’s demand terms

Terms and Conditions:

  • 34% spots in the time band of 0800 Hrs. – 1200 Hrs., 33% in the time band of 1200 Hrs. – 1700 Hrs. & rest 33% spots in the time band of 1700 Hrs. – 2200 Hrs. on RODP basis.
  • Spot duration is flexible and can be changed as per the requirements of the campaign while overall seconds in the campaign would remain the same.
  • There can be slight deviations in the above plan with respect to inventory availability, on the spot terms & conditions of the FM Channel at the time of booking.
  • GST of 18% as applicable is extra.