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Advertising on ABP News Channel- TV Advertising


Why Advertise on National Television News Channel – ABP News?

Advertising on ABP News TV Channel is one of the exceptional way to target your prospective customer base as it is one of the most viewed Hindi news channel which is free to air. This “Free to Air” feature offers TV advertising on ABP News channel an unmatchable combo to mark extensive influence over your targeted audience base which in turn provides you to get maximum out of your branding budget.

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ABP News Network Pvt. Ltd. is a News Media company having its existence in both Television as well as in the Digital Media. Incorporated in 2003, the network has pioneered the way of broadcasting news in India in many regional languages. In 2012, the affiliation of star network and ANN came to an end, From that time, the Star-News was transformed into a new channel that we all watch today, i.e. ABP News. ABP News contributes a huge share in the Indian News Industry and is one of the most-watched Hindi news channel after Aaj Tak.

Advertising in ABP TV News Channel has commendably offered many advertisers to boost up their brand visibility and enhance their brand recall in the market. Other than FCT (Free Commercial Time) there are many other different ad spots such as L Bands, Ad Bands, Headline Associate Tag, and other variety of branding placements.

The Advertising domain is continuously altering with the arrival of new advertising platforms like OTT Media, Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing but amongst all this Television Advertising still remains one of the most active branding & advertising medium to enhance your lead generation power and offers your brand a Grand ROI.

Big Media Kart is one of the leading ABP News channel advertising agency offering the best rates with impeccable service to provide you rational and strategic advertising campaign on ABP News. The marketing professionals at Big Media Kart analyze your campaign goal and then offers you a one-stop solution for all your media requirements.

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