Red FM Advertising In Warangal – 93.5 FM Radio Advertising In Warangal, Telangana


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93.5 Red FM Radio Advertising in Warangal


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Why Red FM Advertising in Warangal?

Red FM Advertising in Warangal operates on a radio frequency of 93.5 FM. Advertising on Red FM In Warangal covers all the nearby major cities like Warangal, Mathwada, Kazipet, Hasanparti, Atmakur, Ghanpur, along with all cities, towns & villages that come within a range of up to 70 Kms. radius. This extensive reach powered by radio advertising gives your brand a strong ROI and offers your business a sturdy brand recall. Radio advertising in Warangal is also very flexible, in terms of choosing your own time band, customizing your campaign duration along with spot repetitions within a day.

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Also, A good Radio Campaign also comes up with a variety of Non-FCT elements like RJ Mentions, Associate Sponsorship Tags, Song Tags, RJ Show Sponsorships, Weather Update Tags, Radio Interviews, etc. Combining these Non-FCT elements smartly with your Radio FCT campaign makes your Radio Campaign an unbelievable mileage upsurge.

Big Media Kart is the leading RED FM radio advertising agency in Warangal, providing you the best and cost-effective radio advertising rates with the best-in-class advertising and branding services.

Why Advertise on Radio or go for Radio Ads in Warangal?

FM Radio Advertising in Warangal is an extremely effective way to grow your business by capturing huge masses & creating “top of the brand recall” in the listener’s mind. Advertising on Radio in Warangal gives your Advertising campaign not only low Ad avoidance as compared to other media but also helps your product or service reach masses. Hence, if you are looking to boost up your business reach & increase the overall brand visibility & brand equity of your brand, Radio Advertising in Warangal should be at the top of your Media Marketing portfolio.

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Why Radio Advertising?

If you have not included radio advertising in your marketing strategy priority list, your marketing or advertising portfolio is rather incomplete. FM Radio is a vogue today and most generations including the millennials are glued to it. Given that you run your advertisements on the radio, it can prove a marketing goldmine for your company. Radio FM Advertising is considered to be great & a popular medium that helps your brand reach millions of people in a jiffy, hence the best platform for offline advertisements.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • 33% spots in the time band of 0800 Hrs. – 1200 Hrs., 34% in time band of 1200 Hrs. – 1700 Hrs. & rest 33% spots in time band of 1700 Hrs. – 2300 Hrs. on RODP basis.
  • Spot duration is flexible and can be changed as per the requirements of the campaign while overall seconds in the campaign would remain the same.
  • The broadcasting report would be shared after the end of the campaign within 60 days post completion of the campaign.
  • Quality voice over radio ads would be produced by BMK only.
  • The ad can be changed within the tenure of the campaign on client’s demand
  • There can be slight deviations in the above plan with respect to inventory availability, on the spot terms & conditions of the FM Channel at the time of booking.
  • Taxes are extra as applicable.