An overview of Digital Marketing

Since the advent of internet, marketing has come a long way. Starting from hoardings, billboards and pamphlets to pop-ups or even virtual reality, marketing has reached a new level of connecting with mass audience. All thanks to Digital Marketing.

In today’s world, the presence of digital marketing can be felt anywhere. Brands are becoming extremely potent in attracting people by making their presence felt at just the right time when somebody needs them. One day you might be discussing with your friend about the plans for a trip and just the next day you might find a lot of offers on hotels or travel to that very place. That is one example of how digital marketing influences people, which is not possible through traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing is a collection of various tools or techniques that companies use to market a product or brand online. 

There are various ways to promote a brand via Digital Marketing, but the final goal is to convert a prospect lead into a customer. Digital Marketing or Online Advertising requires a lot of research about the Company's campaign goal which it wants to achieve through the Digital Marketing Campaign. Every company has its own set of customized goals & can vary completely from the other. Some of the most common campaign goals a company identifies are – Generating Traffic to the website, Increasing the time the Traffic stays on the website, Lead Generation from the landing page, Direct sales via adding products or services in the cart, App Installation, Encouraging the visitor to take a Call of Action & many more. Once a company has identified its campaign goal, an effective strategy has to build that is an amalgamation of all the components of Digital Marketing integrated towards the campaign goal identified. Here are some of the major components of Digital Marketing:

⇒ Content Marketing – It is rightly said, Content is the King & will remain the king forever. The search engines might keep on changing their algorithms with time, but one thing is sure, if you have good content that is solving your target market problem, your page will surely top the charts of Search Engine results. Good content is imperative for any Digital Marketing strategy. That's why this component tops the list.

⇒ Social Media Marketing or Social Media Advertising – Understand Social Media Here!

⇒ SEO or Search Engine Optimization: Here, the companies or organizations indulge in Optimizing the search engine in a way that it should start working in their favor and their landing pages top the charts of search engine results targeting various keywords or keyphrases accompanied with sturdy & meaningful content.

⇒ Email Marketing: As the name suggests, a brand is promoted via bulk emails strategically designed & promoted.

⇒ Paid Marketing on the search engines through PPC or PPM majorly on Google Display Network or GDN which is called Google Ads. PPC stands for Pay Per Click while PPM stands for Pay Per Mile or Pay Per 1000 Impressions.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions!

Why digital marketing is worth to invest?

One of the main reason which makes digital marketing worth to invest is coming up of internet that provides businesses to interact with their targeted audience in real-time at much ease in a cost-effective way. Also, it gives better ROI as the conversion rate of targeted traffic into sales and leads is higher than traditional marketing practices. Digital marketing allows both small or large scale businesses to compete at a much low-cost advertising budget.

What mistakes should be avoided while performing digital marketing?

Undefined target audience, ignoring mobile-friendly website, lack of engagements with existing customers, lack of engagements on social media, irrelevant content strategy, inefficient SEO optimization are all some common mistakes that need to be avoided while taking your business online.

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization which means optimizing your website to gain organic media or unpaid traffics to your website through search result rankings.

How often a website should be updated?

⇒ Updating your business website content frequently is important for both audiences as well as search engines. Updating news, information, and content according to the rapid change in technology make your content amongst the top rankings of organic search engines.

What does call to action mean in digital marketing?

⇒ Call to action is a marketing term or a part of an advertisement that instructs your target audience to incite an immediate response when they click on PPC (pay per click) ad and hit on your website landing page.

How to engage customers to your business digitally?

⇒ Emphasizing customer reviews, building a digital community, social media interaction, offering exclusive content are some of the ways to engage customers with the help of digital marketing.

How to define target audience for your business?

⇒ It's very important to know who your target audience is to get started with your business. Right content for the right people, nature of product or service, customer behavior, audience demographics, audience psychographics, conducting user surveys, analytical tools are some ways to define the right audience for your business.

What are Top 10 social media platforms to advertise?

⇒ Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin. Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, Sina Weibo, Reddit, and TikTok are amongst the top 10 social media platforms based on their active users. But to advertise there you must know where your target audience lies and which type of social media platform suits the nature of your business.

How can I get started with Digital Marketing?

Get Started Video! Start by defining your target audience, what Digital Marketing tools you would like to use, and then chalk out your Digital Marketing strategy. If you need help at any step, you can contact us at Bigmediakart and we would be happy to assist you.

What if I can’t do digital marketing by myself?

⇒ You can read through the articles published on our website & watch videos which would give you an insight on how to do this. If you come up with specific problems, you can write to us at We are always there to assist you.