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Advertising on Siti Cable Network - SITI Network TV Advertising


Why Advertising on Siti Cable Network TV Channels?

Advertising on Siti Network Cable TV Channel is one of the most remarkable approaches to target your potential patron base in India as Siti Cable is one of the leading digital tv network. Advertising in Siti Cable TV Channels provides you the opportunity to extend extensive influence over your targeted regional audience base which in turn delivers you to get maximum out of your branding budget.

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Siti Cable is present in 22+ states and Union Territories across India with footprints in 580+ locations. Siti Network broadcasts different channels in different targeting audiences of every age group. You can advertise in Siti Cable’s different regional channels, Below is the list of advertising channels options of Siti Network:

  1. Advertising On Siti Beats
  2. Advertising On Siti Hits
  3. Advertising On Siti Mix
  4. Advertising On Siti Cinema
  5. Advertising On Siti Movies
  6. Advertising On Siti Prime
  7. Advertising On Siti Gold
  8. Advertising On Siti Classic
  9. Advertising On Siti Filmy
  10. Advertising On Siti Bhakti
  11. Advertising On Siti Aradhna
  12. Advertising On Siti Punjabi
  13. Advertising On Siti Rajasthani
  14. Advertising On Siti Dhakad
  15. Advertising On Siti Marathi
  16. Advertising On Siti Bhojpuri

Different Advertising Mediums On Siti Network

  • STB Based Adverts – These are innovative and captive advertising medium which displays your brand’s advert on every click of remote. Some of the examples of STB Based Advertising On Siti Cable are:
      1. Boot up Screen – This is 5 second full screen banner ad whenever a person switches ON the STB.
      2. Volume Bar – This Siti STB Advertising displays whenever a consumer changes the volume of a channel.
      3. Channel Bar – This type of advertising displays whenever a user changes the channel.
  • Other Prominent Advertising Mediums Of Siti Network:
      1. FCT Ads – Spot Ads or FCT ads are full screen ads displayed in between program breaks. This one of the most common Siti Cable Advertising and offers a Huge Brand Recall.
      2. L-Band Advertising – This is a L shaped advertising strip placed over running programs. This type of Siti Network advertising offers a massive brand awareness.
      3. Scroll Advertising – This a strip of your brand’s advertising displayed in the lower third of the screen. This type of siti cable advertising helps you to strongly convey your brand message to your target audience.
      4. Brand Builder TeleSlot – These are commercial program advertising in multiples of 15 to 30 minutes to promote your brand or product. This type of advertisement create an unbeatable brand recall and provides your target audience with great information about your product/services.

Siti Cable Advertisement offers a variety of captive advertising with zero ad avoidance. Siti Cable Advertising rates are on of the most cost effective and offers a sturdy brand recall.

Branding on Siti Network TV Channels has duly offered many advertisers the power to boost up their brand visibility in the regional market and enhance their brand recall by branding in between the famous programs. There are different advertising mediums to start branding on Siti Cable, which lets you choose your audience base according to your product/service type.

The Advertising province is continuously altering with the arrival of new advertising platforms like OTT Media, Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing but amongst all this Television Advertising still remains one of the most active branding & advertising medium to enhance your lead generation authority and offers your brand a Splendid ROI.

Big Media Kart is one of the leading Siti Network advertising agency offering the best rates with impeccable service to provide you rational and strategic advertising on Siti Cable. The marketing professionals at Big Media Kart analyze your campaign goal and then offers you a one-stop solution for all your media requirements.

Disclaimer: Prices are just indicative and may not be exact. Do not add any package/product directly into the cart or pay any amount before consulting one of our media experts. Any amount paid via without consultation from one of our media experts will be refunded after such case has been completely understood and acknowledged by us .

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