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Digital Advertising On Truecaller App


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Why Advertising On Truecaller App – Digital Advertising In Truecaller App

Truecaller is one of the best and most used application in India and most visited website in India for communication essentials. With millions of installs in India, Truecaller app offers premium branding spaces to grab your potential customers’ attention towards your brand. Advertising on Truecaller lets you reach massive audience with high visibility mobile billboard ads. Truecaller ads offer you a strong brand recall with a clutter free brand presence.

With number of filters available, such as device, timing, location, and profile/behavior, your brands’ advertisements reach the core potential audience interested in your products/services. With cost effective Truecaller advertising rates, you can easily convey your brand message to your target audience base.

Truecaller offers different advertising options such as Display and Video Roadblocks, Click To Call Ads, Easy Leads For Lead Generation Campaigns. Truecaller Advertisements In India is a dynamic medium of branding and is used by various brands to reach their TG (Target Group) and create awareness and convey their brand message strongly.

There are majorly two types of ad types available to advertise on Truecaller app:

  1. Display Ads
    1. Banner Ads
    2. Display Roadblock
  2. Video Ads
    1. Easy Leads
    2. Video Roadblock

Display Ads: As the name indicates, these ads give your brand the space to drive installs on your app or visit your product or contact you. These ads work on the basis of CPM (Cost Per Mile). Display Ads can be run on two price models, i.e. Impressions and Clicks.

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Video Ads: Video Ads are the best when you want to create brand awareness through a short message video about your product/service. Video Ads work on two price models, i.e CPM(Cost Per Mile) and CPCV(Cost Per Completed View).

Clubbing Truecaller Advertising plan with other media plans like Television Advertising, Radio Advertising, Cinemas Advertising & Outdoor Advertising gives your brand a 360-degree coverage over your targeted audience.

Advertising on Truecaller App is now easy. Big Media Kart is a leading Truecaller App Advertising Agency in India and offers an easy yet affordable platform to choose from various options. With an expert staff, Big Media Kart provides you with the best advertising plan to start branding on Truecaller App all over India.

No matter how local is your brand, its easy to reach with the digital power of Truecaller App Advertising. For instance, your Brand is based in Delhi and you are just targeting the local audience of Delhi by advertising on Truecaller in specifically Delhi using various filters.

Still confused, Big Media Kart – The Best Truecaller App Advertising Agency in India will help you to grab your targeted audience through a perfect customized & efficiently segmented ad plan.

Some Random Truecaller App Facts:

  • Truecaller App is 3rd Most Used App In India by Monthly Active Users.
  • 220 Million+ Monthly Active Users.
  • Average Truecaller user has 10 call interactions per day.

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