Social Media – An Introduction To The World of Digitization

Social Media – An Introduction To The World of Digitization

We all are well aware of term social media but not everyone has deep insights into what social sites really are. The term ‘Social Media’ generated a great buzz in the world of internet users upon its arrival and soon became a huge thunder that was heard in every nook and corner of the world. Social media is considered a technological marvel and a boon to mankind. In this golden age of globalization where all of us like to get connected, social platforms have come up to be an amazing platform for us, as we can contact our loved ones. Now the world has forgotten boundaries and the greater meaning of unity is being understood. The gap in communication has been aptly filled by social networking sites.

So, What is Social Media?

Have you ever wondered about this question? Let me share with you what it actually means. Social media provides us a platform that facilitates social interaction and connects a large group of people/audiences through various platforms. It is a web-based technology that eases the sharing of information, content, ideas, and personal interaction through various social networking sites. Also, it helps improve and give us better options for staying connected to those we love. Moreover, we can disseminate news and information quicker through social sites. Last but not the least, social media platforms allow users to have conversations, share information, and create web content. Social Media is necessary in today’s world, from individuals to businesses, everyone has a purpose to stay active on different social platforms.

If we look back to find when it all started, we find that in the 21st century when web 2.0 was introduced social venues like community blogs & video-image sharing sites, etc. began to allow users to interact and collaborate with each other in the virtual world.

Very few may know that, as per the current scenario, these platforms also used as a promotional tool by many organizations where the products or services are being promoted through social applications and websites. This is majorly because social media advertising provides a greater advantage over other platforms to list a few: increase in reach in terms of the targeted market, stay at top of mind of people through multiple hits, customer-audience engagement, and many more.

However, there isn’t only one type of social media platform i.e. to connect with people. There are various types of social media platforms you might not be aware of. Each platform provides a chance to explore an individual’s abilities.

Social Media are used to document memories, learn about and explore things, advertise oneself and form friendships as well as the growth of ideas from the creation of blogs, podcasts, videos, and gaming sites. Networked individuals create, edit, and manage content in collaboration with other networked individuals. This way they contribute to expanding knowledge. With the increasing popularity of the platform, it can be said without a doubt that social media is a platform for futuristic people.


– Himanshu Garg, Nidhi Bharti, Vaishali Khanna

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