9 Prominent Ways to Advertise on TV that boost your brand’s Television Advertising Campaign!

9 Prominent Ways to Advertise on TV that boost your brand’s Television Advertising Campaign!

Strategic Ways to Advertise On Television.

“Kuch meetha ho jae.”
A tagline almost every Indian can recognize, how did the company manage to get such an overwhelming response? The answer is very simple- by reaching the mass audience through TV ads. They targeted the people by creating ads relating to their day to day celebrations like birthday, festivals, and even salary too. This is only one example of how ads can be pitched to the customers, however, there are a large number of ways an ad can
be created & run on the television, some of which you’ll learn ahead.

  1. Regular free commercial time (FCT) ads: these are the most common type of ads which we got to see during the breaks in between the shows.
  2. L-band ads: these are the L shaped ads shown at the bottom of the television while the other content is being aired simultaneously.
  3. Aston band: Aston Band is a flash ad that plays at the bottom of the screen while the content is being played. Such ads are most commonly seen on News channels.
  4. Scroller ads: in this the ads keep on scrolling on the screen and such ads are also seen on News channels.
  5. Teleshopping ads: these ads are usually directed towards selling the product, we all have seen ads of different baba’s selling some “chamatkari medicine” to grow hair, or build muscles.
  6. Laptop advertisement: these types of ads are most commonly seen in News channels; in these ads, the logo of the company is displayed on the backside of the laptop.
  7. Ads in movies: you might have seen in some movies, actors endorsing one brand more often such ads are the example of this type of ads.
  8. Sponsoring teams: men’s cricket team of India is sponsored by Byju’s, so whenever the Indian team will play a match the company will automatically get advertised.
  9. Sponsoring the athletes: probably one of the most famous methods that sports brands use, we all are aware of the mighty “Jordan” shoes of Nike. In such a method companies sponsors a popular sportsperson to advertise themselves.
Different ways through which you can advertise on National TV Channels
Various ways to advertise on Television!

Above are 9 of the prominent & the best ways of advertising on the television, however, these are not the only ways. TV advertisement is one of the best ways to promote the brand image and expanding the customer base. Take the example of Coca-Cola, in 2018 it invested $5.8 billion on the global advertisements, which is 18.3% of the revenue in that year. All these expenses do not go into the scrap, as “Coke” is the second most
recognizable word in the world and the first, you need to look it up yourself!

Allow the experts of TV advertising – Big Media Kart to pick the best way for your product to advertise on Television along with a professional Video Ad for your brand to go on TV!

-Piyush Raj Bharti

Different ways to advertise on TV! How Effective Is TV Advertising?

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