Top 5 Best Advertising Media to Boost up Your Brand Recall (In 2021)

Top 5 Best Advertising Media to Boost up Your Brand Recall (In 2021)

In today’s highly dynamic world, every brand is coping up to be on Top. They are doing everything it takes to maintain their brand recall which in turn helps them to achieve their marketing objective and boost up the sales of their product and services. But talking of Brand Recall, let’s know about What Brand Recall Is?

What is Brand Recall?

Brand Recall is how your targeted audience remembers you and your advertisement. How well they recognize you? Creating a Brand Recall is one of the main motives or we can say one of the main goals of the brand’s marketing strategy.  The Main Purpose of a Strong Brand Recall Advertisement Should Be to make an impact as we say What’s in Sight, Stays in Mind.

Advertising Medium plays a vital role in inducing your brand recall, as these are the main ingredients to a perfect marketing recipe. Choosing an impeccable advertising medium can be a hectic task. A Perfect advertising medium is a road to reach out to your target audience without any hassle. A Strong Creative Blended with a Mixture of Best Advertising Mediums results out to be the Perfect Media Planning for any ad campaign. One might not be aware of the existence of a brand if the right advertising mediums are not used to give the brand the needed exposure. A product will fail at its pioneering stage itself if it isn’t introduced to the masses and doesn’t have the right target audience to buy the product or render the offered service.

In this blog, we will know about the Top 5 Best Advertising Media to Boost up Your Brand Recall and make your target audience notice you. The media industry has drastically changed by the incoming of digitization in the field. Now, a brand has various advertising mediums to choose from; but making a perfect blend of these advertising mediums is not a noob’s task. It takes many factors into consideration to make a perfect media plan. Here are the Top 5 Best Advertising Media which will help you boost up your Brand Recall:

1. Digital Media Advertising:

When talking about digital media, there are so many digital advertising mediums to consider, But in this blog, we will focus more on OTT Advertising and DOOH(Digital-Out-Of-Home) Media. OTT(Over-The-Top) Advertising mediums are the streaming platforms offering services such as music streaming, video streaming, or podcast streaming. They deliver content directly to the user with the help of the internet. We all use music streaming or video streaming apps such as Jio Saavn, Gaana, Zee5, MX Player and the list goes on and on. OTT Media is becoming a great advertising medium as their services can be accessed through multiple devices for a single user such as Mobile phones, Tablets, Smart TVs, Set-top Boxes, Gaming Consoles like X-Box, all can be used to access the services. On the other side, When it comes to getting outside exposure, DOOH(Digital Out Of Home) Media is rapidly increasing making outdoor mediums more attractive as well as making outdoor advertising more feasible for the brands looking to boost their brand awareness. DOOH mediums such as Big Led Screens, Digital Mall Media, Digital Standee offer a great opportunity to the brand to grab the attention of their targeted audience. Watch the video to know more about OTT Advertising.


2. Television Advertising:

TV Advertisements are an assured advertising medium to reach out to your target audience. Advertising On TV can have a speedy & long-lasting impact on the business which induces your brand recall in an unbeatable way. There are different ways to advertise on television such as FCT, Aston Band, L-Band, and many more. You can read more about it here – Ways Of Advertising On Television

3. Radio Advertising:

Radio is one of the oldest mediums to communicate to the masses, reaching millions of people. Radio Advertising is one of the strongest means to create brand awareness about your offered product/services. Radio Advertising plays on the power of words, i.e. reading often seems boring but at the same time listening is so much comfortable, so instead of just reading the advertisements, audible advertisements grabs more attention which provides Less Ad Avoidance. Read More About Radio Advertising 

4. Transit Advertising:

When it comes to inducing brand recall, Transit Advertising never disappoints. Advertising On Public Transport such as Auto Advertising, Bus Branding such as DTC Bus Branding, HOHO Bus Branding, Cabs Branding has never failed to catch our eyeballs on the ad creative they are displaying. To Increase brand recall in the local areas, Transit Advertising plays a very important role as this public transport covers almost the entire city and the nearby areas. Read More About Transit Advertising 

5. Outdoor Advertising:

On a daily basis, we see a number of hoardings, banners, billboards surrounding the main locations and corners of the city. These all are part of one of the oldest and traditional ways of advertising, i.e. Outdoor Advertising. Brands and Businesses have been leveraging the power of outdoor advertising from a very long time, Outdoor Advertising has offered advertisers with Sturdy Brand Recall and Huge ROI.

These were the Top 5 Best Advertising Media To Boost Up Your Brand Recall, Big Media Kart is the leading advertising agency in India offering media planning and media buying of all the listed advertising mediums under one roof. Click Here To Get Started

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